'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley in 2 Minutes

What’s it about?

Young scientist Victor Frankenstein discovers the secret to creating life so, naturally, he stitches together some old corpses to make an 8-foot-tall humanoid creature that walks, talks, and looks really, really, well, ugly. Horrified, he abandons his new invention but a year later finds out that it’s alive – and out to get him. It turns out Frankenstein’s monster is looking for love and wants his creator to make him a girlfriend. But can Victor go through with it? What will the consequences be?

Why it’s so famous?

Mary Shelley was just 18 when she wrote Frankenstein after her friends made a bet to see who could write the scariest story. Not only did the young writer end up inspiring one of the world’s most recognizable Halloween costumes, she wrote what is often thought to be the world’s first science fiction novel. Her theme of ‘technology gone wrong’ has greatly influenced the genre ever since.

Why you should read it today?

Look around you– your phone, your home and even your fridge is full of the consequences of humans playing around with nature, science, and technology. GMO food has even been nicknamed ‘frankenfood’. But is scientific advancement always a good thing? Read Frankenstein to find out why it might not be...
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