Our mission
Re-imagine cultural education and make learning your daily habit.
How do we achieve this?
  • Through partnering with rising and established experts, we develop high-quality educational programs for learners from all over the world.
  • Our work provides live and on-demand micro-learning opportunities for today's user, so you can only spend a few minutes per day and learn new things.
  • We strongly believe in the power of community learning and call our students muses as they inspire others to become better each day.
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Our topics
Our concept
  • Simple language
    We explain complex things in a simple way
  • Engaging format
    Interactive learning experience with no boring facts
  • Power of community
    Learning with like-minded souls we call muses
  • Expert guidance
    Opportunity to engage with lecturer in chat and during lives
  • High-class visuals
    Top-class content production for all content
  • Accessibility
    Llearn anytime from any device at the comfortable pace
Our formats
Free-for-all education
Public daily content across our social media channels like YouTube and Instagram. Available to everyone and everywhere
Paid programs
Live and on-demand interactive programs (webinars, courses, clubs) with video, audio and multimedia learning formats
Bespoke trainings
Custom-built lectures and workshops for businesses and groups of various sizes
What happens when a group of friends from the world of Tech share a love of culture and a passion for storytelling? They share it with the world!
Artem Kalugin
Artem is an experienced Sales and Marketing professional with a track record in global digital advertising, business strategy and business development. Over his career, he has worked in both established tech businesses like Google and high-growth startups. In Curious Muse team, he is primarily responsible for Product and Marketing.
Tanya Melamori
Tanya has a strong experience of building successful startups in educational and wellness segments. Before starting Curious Muse, she was responsible for campus outreach program by sourcing the best business and tech talent from across Europe, Middle East and Africa. In Curious Muse team, she primarily works on Lecturer Partnerships and Business Development.
Stas Lawrence
Stas has experience of working as a Manager in YouTube partner development team based in London and also as a Program Manager for Google Arts & Culture team where he helped museums and galleries to get the most out of Google technologies. On the Curious Muse team, he primarily works on Operations and Brand Partnerships.
Break routine, cultivate the intellect, and join the knowledge revolution!
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