Art historian currently doing her PhD. Her main research field is centered around the history of modern art. She loves wandering around museums, travelling, taking photographs, watching movies, and talking about everything related to pop culture.
Art Historian and Art Writer living in Paris, France. She holds a MA degree in Art History from the University of Belgrade and an MA in Art & Cultural Management from the University of Turin. When not writing and researching, she leads art history tours in Paris and the Louvre.
Italian Art Historian specialized in Art Criticism, with a second degree in Communications and Sociology. She studied in Padua, Brussels, Turin, and wherever you can go with the power of the Internet. She works as a guide in Museum Education Departments and as a Freelance Writer.
Graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Music. Laureate of international music competitions and participant in international festivals. Since 2011, he has been conducting extensive research and lecturing activities in the field of fashion history, fine arts and opera.
Visual artist, activist and freelance journalist from Belgrade, Serbia. She holds a BA in Painting from the Belgrade Faculty of Fine arts, and is currently enrolled in the China Academy of Art (CAA) MFA program. Her main interests are comparative and feminist art histories, environmental protection and social justice.
Lecturer, language teacher, and freelance copy and content writer from South Africa. He holds a MA in Religious Studies and focuses on the peculiarities and nuances in cultural and religious phenomena. He favours all variations of the colour black and wanders freely between antiquity and a cyberpunk apocalypse.
Freelance content writer from Georgia. She holds a BA in Social Sciences and master's degree in Management from University of Bordeaux. Here main interests are cinema, photography and French culture.
Adinda van Wely
Dutch Art Historian with a BA in Cultural Heritage, a BA in Art History and an MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History. Her interest in art history started at a young age, and during her adult life she has had the absolute luxury of working with art and artists. Adinda loves going to museums and is an amateur photographer.14:30
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