Become Curious Muse Lecturer
We are constantly looking for great talent to join our fully-remote and truly global team.
Why do you want to work with us?
Curious Muse is a global educational startup in the field of liberal arts and humanities.

Our vision is to build a world where self-education is a part of everyday life. We want to help people with creativity, help fight biases and help to find a more balanced perspective on life.

We believe that humanities knowledge broadens horizons, helps to understand different perspectives and improves critical thinking. It helps to understand human behavior better and build better connections with other people. As a result people will work better and succeed faster.

Therefore, we are building an educational platform with strong community feeling where you can easily learn new things while having breakfast, driving to work or taking a shower.
We are looking for motivated lecturers to deliver high-quality educational content across the following areas:
We share these values
We sincerely love our project and get great pleasure from what we do.
Continuous development
We are constantly growing, expanding the team, launching new projects and striving to make the whole world be more educated.
We are carefully working on our content and do our best to make the audience come back to us again and again.
We always welcome new ideas, no matter how crazy they seem.
We constantly come up with new ideas and brainstorms and love memes.
What does it mean to be part of Curious Muse team?
Fully remote
Doesn't matter where you are based, as long as you have a good internet connection
Part-time employment
We are quite flexible and happy to adjust to available time commitment
Fun atmosphere
We strongly believe that you don't need to be serious to do cool things!
Space for creativity
You can suggest your topics and share your ideas through lectures, we are open to any ideas!
Personal branding
Your expertise will be shared with thousands of learners from all over the world.
Flexible payment options
We accommodate both fixed and flexible (profit share) payment systems
What experience are we looking for?
BA or MA in a relevant area of expertise (art, history, literature, philosophy, cinema, etc.)
Ability to explain complex things in simple terms as all our lectures have a clear and easy to follow structure.
Presentation skills
Being able to articulate yourself and convey your message in an engaging way.
We build all our programs in a collaborative manner and strongly believe that 1+1 equals 3.
Things change quickly in the Edtech space so by staying nimble we can achieve our goals.
If that all sounds like you then don't hesitate to fill out this short form and we will get back to you.
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