How to Understand Modern Art?
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Explore how to analyse art and form connections between the styles with expert guidance along the way.
What's It About?
From the past to today, join us for a 1-week journey with the art historian where we look at the transformation of art. Together, we go back in time to the period in art history when artists began to reject realistic portraits and landscapes, leading to the revolution in perspective.

Understand modern art independently. Gain deeper insight by learning to analyse meanings and form connections between the styles just by spending 15 minutes per day.
Why should I join?
Learn the main principles and concepts of modern art
Unravel the hidden meanings behind iconic paintings
Easily distinguish between key styles and the artists
Make your next visit to the museum a special event
Level up your
small talk
What's the Format?
Review materials
The course contains additional materials, including practical checklists and links to extra resources for those who want to deepen their knowledge. They're yours to keep.
Listen to art zooms
Our expert will review two iconic paintings from each art movement and explain what makes them belong to that particular style and how to distinguish from others.
Complete tasks
Solidify that knowledge! Quizzes and reflections are the best way to consolidate what you've learnt and share your opinion with other students.
Watch short videos
Each module contains a couple of engaging videos to equip you with the knowledge of key concepts and figures. Build your foundation in a fun visual way.
Who is this course for?
From zero to hero. There's no need for a background in the field. This is your stepping stone to better understand art and develop your appreciation.
Looking to consolidate your knowledge? If you've got experience in the subject, this course furthers your insight into the world of modern art.
Culture Fans
Your next visit to the museum or gallery will become a lot more meaningful. Expand your knowledge and become the most interesting person in your circle.
What you will learn
6 art movements, key figures and artworks behind them. Click on the card below to find out more about the program of each module.
Who will be your guide?
Dea Cvetkovic
With a strong focus on the history of modern art, Dea is an Art Historian with a keen eye and refined palate.

She's all about that museum life, wandering around them with purpose, wonder, and often both. She's also a keen traveller who has a penchant for photography, watching movies, and can chat endlessly about everything related to pop culture.
About Curious Muse
Curious Muse is a platform and community of arts & culture enthusiasts from all over the world.

Our mission? Re-imagine cultural education experience and transform daily learning into your best new habit.

We cover a wide range of topics with our world-class experts - visual and performing arts, literature and history, architecture and design, fashion and more - explained in an easy and engaging way.
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How do I sign up for this course?
After you complete the payment process you will receive instructions via email on how to access the learning platform.
What's required?
  • You can access all content either via mobile device or through desktop.

  • Time commitment (approx. 15 minutes per day over a week)
Can I continue learning after the week is over?
Yes, absolutely. You will get unlimited access to this content so you can jump back any time and study at the comfortable pace.
How much does it cost?
$19.99 for the entire course. All materials and resources are yours to keep and refer back to once the course is complete.
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